Monday, March 21, 2011


A foot falls faster now
like the prow
of an approaching vessel

A heart beats frailer now
in the chest
of a dying people

Those that will not bow, now
to their demanding mistress
their defiance is

what we all want
but fear the most
They will fall, now
In the path
Of that unending host

And wear a shroud of scorn, now
While they burn
On the pyre of progress


Welcome to denial
think what you want
but we know that it’s final
it’s too late
‘the world hates me so I’ll hate it back’
you say
but your rage cannot save you
it’s too late
‘I’ll quit my bad habits’
but your disease couldn’t give two shits
it’s too late
‘there’s nothing I can do but waste away.’
‘I’m resigned to my fate’
‘there’s no use in hate’
it’s too late.


     As you walk by the house with pale yellow siding, you know that a young girl lies dying. She may be breathing her final gasping, choking breath; but there’s nothing you can do to help, so keep walking, keep your hopes up that something might happen so you can tell yourself what you’re doing is because you’re a selfless individual. But everyone knows that you do it so you can find sleep at night, to hide from the terrible things you’ve done. The atrocities you’ve committed that follow you so tenaciously that you can’t even find peace inside your own mind. May you sleep forever.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen


A series of shots
ring out
freed from their cage
to find a new one
in quickly cooling flesh
the flash fades
and pain remains
not for long
and you're not long for this world
let me know if there's anything after this
or if it's just a dark abyss

mes rêves, dérangés

where once I could find
Refuge in deep sleep,
In the unexplored caverns of my mind
I've come to find that you've begun to keep
An unending vigil
No escape to be found for me
I can only kill the time until
I cease to be
For even in my dreams
It seems
Your spiteful ways
And your icy gaze
Hold me captive


All I feel is pain
Being cut against the grain
Torn between the two
Of you
is there nothing good?
We are food
for those who come after
eating our health
taking our wealth
selling this cheap laughter
for what is truly ours?
Nothing but the stars
that we will return to
when our sun is through